Illumination In D​-​Minor

by Aphotic Starfield

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released November 13, 2011

Thanks to:

Ben (for inspiration and input on the name), James (for inspiration and for the artwork on track 1), Nick Kraus (for artwork on track 6), Hammock, Altus, The Flashbulb, Text, Aaron Dilloway, Azure Skies Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, and the perils of life for making this possible.

Sample in track 4 taken from Neil deGrasse Tyson’s speech on November 7th at the Beyond Belief ’06 convention.

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Track Name: Droplets Like Stars In The Sky
Droplets, like stars in the sky.

A waves crashes on a forlorn beach, sand sculpted to fine cliffs. The green of the endless expanse oscillates with the modulation of undying fervor.

An instance, the world is flung into to darkness, but returns again to the light. An elderly man sitting on a park bench is unaffected, and continues his destitute gaze into the great unknown.

A red contrail streaks the ashen sky in an almost organic, vein-like pattern. The smoky haze of bitter acknowledged indifference clouds the angelic spectacle of the beach.

An island of black forms in the sea of aquamarine. Shafts of light shoot from its core, and it radiates an almost archaic wisdom. An admirer looks on, but timidly hides his interest.

Elswhere, a burnt meadow sits idle in a dead world. All the crop has long since been trampled in a stampede of choas. Even in this most bereft of environments, uniqueness abounds.

A shining wave of grain sweeps the field in an illustrious show of rebellion. The graceful bow of the curved sweep is both inspiring and breathtaking. To most, though, this will go unnoticed.

A lone hair falls across the face of the Earth, its magnificence unparalleled by anything ever seen on this plane of existence. Such a simple facet, sure to be unnoticed, is a simple justification for existence.

A wave crashes on the beach, and the man looks up. He sees the beauty, but in his naive preoccupation, chooses to ignore it. The bench he sits on morphs into a cocoon, nestling him safely inside a sanctuary of willfull ignorance.

A sanguine luminosity now enshrouds the mass of darkness residing in the ocean. Untold tales of adventure and tradition seemingly radiate from the center. The timid admirer looks on, but asks not the meaning of all of this.

A lone tear grazes the face of the admirer, his heart aching with confounding gratitude. His whole body yearns for the touch of something so angelic, so pure, so heavenly, but he knows he cannot possibly handle such incredulous fantasticism.

A droplet, a fear, a heavenly body, an image, all falling to one single point. The water crashes along the shore, the man safe in his shell, the admirer amazed from afar, his tears falling downward.

These, droplets, like stars in the sky.